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ZOOM Meeting November 11th 2020

The Grissom Wrestling Parent meeting was on Wednesday night at 7 pm. For those of you that could not join us over ZOOM, I have included the highlights of the meeting.

Coach Bradford opened the meeting by introducing himself. This is his 2nd year as Head Coach for Grissom Wrestling. He gave us a little background about himself which includes his years as a Grissom Wrestler, his time in the military, and then his return to Huntsville to teach at Grissom! Coach Brinkley and Coach Jones were also present! Thanks to all our coaches for all they do!!

We began by talking about Fundraising: Fundraising looks a bit different this year and we are starting off quite strong with 3 big ones going all at once. Normally we have one big fundraiser to start the year, but this year given the circumstances and the changes in tournament size and the number of tournaments, our bottom line will be affected. With that being understood, we are doing the following right now:

Email fundraiser: With the email fundraiser, we have raised 2K in 48 hours so good job to everyone! Coach Bradford will send a link to this fundraiser so we can also share it on social media as another way people can give.

Ham/Turkey Fundraiser: Orders due NOVEMBER 13!!!

Cheesecake fundraiser: began yesterday: The goal is for every wrestler to sell 20 cheesecakes. November 19 is the first checkpoint…try to have 10 sold! November 30 is the final checkpoint…try for the last 10! Boys can win prizes of T-shirts and awesome pullovers for making goal! Cheesecakes will be delivered week of December 14!

Proceeds from fundraisers go to travel, hotels, tournament fees so this is a vital part of the program!

Booster Club Fees: Total cost of Booster Club Fees is $250. This includes a spirit pack and banquet fees for the wrestler. Spirit pack includes a t-shirt, shorts, and sweatshirt. 1st installment is due on November 20. 2nd installment is due by December 4. Parents please remember no wrestler is ever turned away for financial difficulties. If you have concerns, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of the Coaches. Dues payable to Grissom Wrestling Booster Club. You can send to school to practice or get to Kim Handy.

If anyone can get a sponsorship from a business, they will be recognized by team. There are different levels of sponsorship. Sponsorships can also reduce the booster club dues!

Coach Bradford will be sending out forms for the fees AND the sponsorships!

Travel Schedule: All overnight trips will be varsity wrestling. At this time, we are looking at Dec. 19 to Tuscaloosa County, Jan. 22 to Mortimer Jordan, Feb. 5-7 to Gulf Shores, and Feb 12-13 to Sectionals. On overnight trips, boys who ride in a car together, will also stay in the same hotel room.

Safety Precautions/General Information:

Temperature checks will resume at practice. Hand sanitizer is available and used. Masks are worn unless actively wrestling. Weights are cleaned after each use. Mats washed after use.

During duals, mats will be washed after each dual. During tournaments EVERYONE except wrestlers who are wrestling will wear masks and practice social distancing.

Teams will weigh in one at a time this year and wrestlers will wear a singlet.

AT HOME: Please have your student shower immediately upon arriving home and wash clothes immediately to minimize risk of skin disease. Defense soap/wipes are great and can be purchased on Amazon.

Concessions will happen this year but all food will be pre-packaged. Jennifer Rice will be looking for help with both concessions and hospitality! If interested, please reach out.

Ticket Sales are going to be online this year using gofan.

Website needs to be updated and maintained. Neal Porter and Brian Hoyt are working on this and will gladly accept volunteers to assist!

Shoes can be ordered from Amazon, major athletic shoe websites, or purchased from Dicks. Any color is acceptable…..EXCEPT RED! J

Please refer to the email from Coach Bradford to make sure you upload all necessary forms to Dragonfly. He also sent a flyer home regarding Dragonfly and setting up an account.

Neal Porter is setting up a team store for parents to order gear! He has sent out an email regarding some stuff already.(XGrain) He is going to be sending another and will be adding some hoodies!

The link for XGrain gear

There is also a group me for parents. I tried to get the link for that one too, but I can’t get it to work. If you download the GroupMe app and search gwpsocialclub. You should be able to find it! J

I think that pretty much sums it up!! Have a great night! Looking forward to a great year!

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