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The Grissom Wrestling Team provides a quality opportunity to each student to achieve their full potential, both on and off the mat.  It is our mission to inspire and develop every Grissom Wrestler to become a champion in life.  We encourage and promote each wrestler to become an outstanding citizen of their community, by fostering an environment of values where academic integrity and social responsibility take precedence.  All athletes will experience both wins and losses, both of which are components of wrestling and are critical in one’s personal growth.  Through their individual efforts each Wrestler gains satisfaction knowing that they did their best to become the best that they are capable of becoming.  Participation and competition are emphasized at Grissom and are the means by which students are guided to integrate in to their lives, the values of self-respect, sportsmanship, loyalty, leadership, respect for others and fitness.  Our program recognizes that these virtues are essential in the mental and physical development of individuals and our Wrestlers are encouraged to convey these lessons in to their roles as students, athletes, and most importantly in life as citizens.  Grissom Wrestling strives to be more than just a team of individuals with individual goals, but rather a family bonded by the desire to achieve a common goal, through teamwork, discipline, and determination.  



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